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Prayers from Kansas City Impact Haitian Young Man

September 2015

This past May Theresa and I got to spend some time with this young man in Haiti. God is opening doors for us to minister to him.

When I (Jonathan) was sixteen, I began to sponsor a four-year old Haitian boy named Jeff with Compassion International. Over the course of many mission trips to Haiti, I've been able to visit with him in person three different times. Jeff is now twenty years old.

Why Do We Pray Night and Day?

August 2015

Ever since King David established day and night prayer (See 1 Chronicles 16), there have been many expression of unceasing 24/7 prayer. So, why do we do it and continue to do it? Also, why do we pray night and day corporately? Isn’t it good enough to just have our own quiet time and pray silently by ourselves with God? Yes, every believer is commanded to pray and talk to God and spend time just with him. However, there are reasons God has given men and women in history the vision and command for night and day prayer. First, in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us to pray, “On earth as it is in heaven.” In the book of Revelation, we get a glimpse into what goes on in heaven around the Throne of God. In it, we see the elders, the living creatures, and angels around the Throne praying together without ceasing. When we pray on earth, we join night and day corporate prayer around the Throne.

Raising Up the Next Generation

July 2015

In reality, there is very little that is more important then seeing the next generation take the torch from us and continue the work of the Gospel. Over the past few months, we have helped children lead prayer and worship meetings. In June, I (Jonathan) coached a team of kids in IHOPKC’s summer music camp. Kids from all over the nation played their instruments, sang, and prayed. I coached them in two-hour prayer meetings as they took turns. It was my joy to see them already walking in such a powerful anointing for prophetic music.

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