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How I am Studying the Bible This Year

Reading It Chronologically

March 2014

Through the years, I have studied the Bible various ways. A couple of years ago, I used the One Year Bible.  One year I just read John 14-17 every day! This year, however, I decided to read the Bible in the order it took place. Already, I am beginning to understand the Bible much better. Obviously, my plan started in Genesis. Then, right after the Tower of Babel and before Genesis 12 when Abraham comes on the scene, it skipped to Job. After reading Job, I went back and finished reading Genesis. It continued to Exodus stopping at one point for Moses’ glorious (and sobering) Psalm 90. I have enjoyed reading the Bible this way and am especially looking forward to reading the Psalms of David as they happen! I am also excited to read the Prophets. I know Isaiah and Jeremiah will make much more sense when I read more about the times they were prophesying in. Sometimes I get lost in all the judgment not knowing why God is judging. I hope this way of reading it will help me see the why behind God’s judgments.

Ministering to the Poor at our Inner City Outreach Hope City

February 2014

My girlfriend, Theresa, is helping me serve in the inner city. It has been fun to minister with her to those coming to Hope City looking for Jesus

I’m back in the inner city leading worship again! After a successful season of focusing on raising my partnership team, I have time again to work with our inner city prayer room, Hope City. I am leading a two-hour worship meeting once a week. The purpose of the prayer meeting is to provide an environment for people to come sit in the presence of the Lord. Like a preacher on Sunday morning, we are teaching those in the room the Word of God. The only difference is, we are singing it. Since we only started last week, I am still working on building my team. In a future update, I’ll send you pictures of everyone. However, I did land a really good prayer leader. My girlfriend, Theresa Olson is stepping into this role for the first time. Her job is to keep us unified and focused on specific parts of the passage that we are singing. She has done an incredible job, and I’m looking forward to ministering with her to those who come in from the inner city.

Mission Trip to Haiti Report

January 2014

Building Friendships / Pastoring Young Leaders

I loved building friendships in Haiti even pastoring some of the young leaders God is raising up in Haiti. On Wednesday, my girlfriend, Theresa, and I explored the streets of Haiti with an American missionary that became a friend of mine when I lived there two years ago.

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